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.Mic: What's the Best Way to Invest?

.Mic: What's the Best Way to Invest?

If you're saving your money in a plain bank account earning 1% a year, and you're not investing it, you probably won't reach your long term goals. To see savings grow and protect money from inflation, you've got to hold other types of assets beyond cash, or else that $500 in your checking account will be nominally the same and buy you even less 25 years later. On the flip side, if you invest that same $500 - even with modest returns of about 5% per year - it would be worth almost three times that 25 years later. So, how do you get started investing? Our CIO, Don Riley, offers his perspective to James Dennin of .Mic on the best way to invest your money.

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What's the Best Way to Invest? 


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