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4 Strategies To Launch Your Encore Career At Age 40+

In your 40s, you have likely been in your job for several years and realize that the remaining runway until retirement is still at least 10 years away, maybe even 20. Life is hectic with raising...

World of Connections: How to Assess and Evaluate Your Connections to Make the Most of Each One

Job seekers are often searching for the differentiator that will help them stand out from the crowd and land the position. As it turns out, these differentiators can be less about what you can...

How to Survive and Thrive After a Layoff

Losing your job - especially one that you've held for years - is often a surprising and demoralizing experience. Strangely though, it can also be a time of positive change and new...

The Three Pillar Process to Mastering a Career Transition

When 800 employees, including me, lost their jobs due to company downsizing a few years ago, I witnessed several anxious colleagues not knowing how best to approach their job search. Having previously led the company's talent management group, I became interested in creating a blueprint for those looking for ways to prioritize their next steps. The job search can be an overwhelming process - what do I tackle first, where is the best place to find the company culture I am seeking and how do I effectively expand and leverage my contacts to find the right fit? The following "Three Pillar" process was designed to help answer these questions and can be applied to those who have recently left their job, want to transition to a new career or are searching for their first job after graduation.

Pillar I: "Me" Before you can articulate your value to a potential employer, you must clearly define it for yourself. The best place to start is to identify your top three competencies....

7 Essential FAQ's When Navigating a Layoff

7 Essential FAQ's When Navigating a Layoff

Over the past 30 years, Wiley Group has helped many employees through the financial and emotional challenges of a layoff. We create contingency plans to keep your goals on track and will...