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Planning for Healthcare in Retirement

With longer life spans, the elimination of corporate retiree health plans and rising medical costs, healthcare has become the biggest expense for many retirees. For a couple retiring at age 65 in...

Permanent, Term and Hybrid Life Insurance: Which Option Makes Sense for You?

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month, an annual initiative aimed at educating the public on the importance of the insurance vehicle. Life insurance can be an important tool in...

Is a Solo 401(k) Right for You?

For self-employed individuals looking for a retirement savings plan, a Solo 401(k) should be on your list of options. This plan was built specifically for sole proprietors with no full-time employees (other than a spouse), like freelancers or small business owners.

While many in this situation tend to think of IRAs as the only way to save for retirement (either in a SEP, Simple or Roth), Solo 401(k)s provide a multitude of benefits and stack up well...

Five Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Taxes are top of mind for many as we edge closer and closer to the tax deadline. However, it is important to understand that tax planning does not start and stop on this date – it should be an ongoing area of discussion between you and your advisor. Below are five areas where tax planning (and saving) comes into play. Keep in mind that these are complex topics that should be handled by a professional. We encourage you to use the tips below as a starting point and make sure your tax advisor is factoring in all that apply.

  1. Retirement savings accounts When it comes to taxes and retirement savings, contributing to a traditional IRA is a great option to consider. If you (and your spouse) are not covered...

7 Essential FAQ's When Navigating a Layoff

7 Essential FAQ's When Navigating a Layoff

Over the past 30 years, Wiley Group has helped many employees through the financial and emotional challenges of a layoff. We create contingency plans to keep your goals on track and will...