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Five Years from Retirement - Now What?

Reality starts to sink in when you are five years from retirement – no matter how much you have saved, it is common to experience a bit of anxiety about your retirement readiness as you approach the end of your working years.

In our experience with clients, the five-year countdown to retirement often raises a few important questions. These questions, outlined below, help pre-retirees visualize the future and...

Five Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Taxes are top of mind for many as we edge closer and closer to the tax deadline. However, it is important to understand that tax planning does not start and stop on this date – it should be an ongoing area of discussion between you and your advisor. Below are five areas where tax planning (and saving) comes into play. Keep in mind that these are complex topics that should be handled by a professional. We encourage you to use the tips below as a starting point and make sure your tax advisor is factoring in all that apply.

  1. Retirement savings accounts When it comes to taxes and retirement savings, contributing to a traditional IRA is a great option to consider. If you (and your spouse) are not covered...