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What We Do

We focus on creating the highest probability of future success.

In constructing portfolios designed for a lifetime of income, our goal at Wiley Group is to maximize the probability of long-term success by balancing the risk and return potential of the portfolios with low-volatility. Contrary to the intuitive argument that a higher average return is better, regardless of the cost, we've discovered that by accepting a lower return and therefore taking less risk annually, a hypothetical retirement portfolio actually has greater chance of success over a thirty year retirement.

By managing risk appropriately we believe that the likelihood of a retiree running out of money later in life is greatly diminished.  An investor who endures smaller downturns during periods of extreme volatility may be less likely to radically alter a portfolio strategy and more likely to remain invested for the duration of retirement, thus leading to a higher chance of success.


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Your financial goals and individual needs are most important to us as we help plan and manage your retirement.