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Our Approach

Our investment philosophy is to design a portfolio that focuses on risk and maximum diversification.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At Wiley Group, we believe that low volatility and high cash flow are equally important in planning for retirement and constructing portfolios for a lifetime of income.  The amount of return a client can expect versus each unit of risk needs to be optimized based on goals, life expectancy and individual risk tolerance.

It is our goal to provide the greatest probability of success in all of our clients' portfolios by focusing on mitigating losses during weakened markets and capturing gains during strong markets. We try to improve the statistical probabilities by reducing volatility and smoothing returns over time.

While the risk-adjusted return is an important element in retirement planning, constructing portfolios based solely on risk-adjusted return may neglect a few other very important factors in planning for a lifetime of income.

As your advisor, we must find the delicate balance between the need for low volatility, consistent cash flow and total risk-adjusted return.  We consistently monitor our clients' objectives as well as the state of the economy and markets in order to make adjustments to the portfolio as necessary. Our belief that Joy is the Best Investment and holistic style of financial life guidance allows the time needed to get to know you as a person and to consider the whole lifestyle along with current and future priorities.