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Who We Are

Who We Are

A successful retirement is accomplished through the early adoption of a philosophy and a life plan. Wiley Group facilitates a detailed assessment as we guide you on the path to identify the best choices to align with your ideals and values. Wiley Group is a nine-person team (with two principal members) committed to providing a holisitc, multi-faceted view of your assets and lifestyle, beginning today and through retirement. We aspire to have our clients know everyone on our team and to understand the entire process of working with us. Our diverse experience in the industry affords us many viewpoints on how best to allocate our clients' assets throughout their lifetime with the foresight of a retirement plan that centers on achieving personal and financial goals. By using market movement with deliberate restraint and selective tactical allocation that strives for consistent dividends, we aim to grow our clients' retirement assets and offer them long-term peace of mind to profoundly changes your ability to live more in every aspect of your life. 

Jim Wiley

CEO and Chief Investment Strategist of Wiley Group


What We Do

We focus on creating the highest probability of future success.